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Our services not only satisfy our customers but exceed all expectations

Repair concrete pavement

Repair concrete pavement to half-depth or full-depth in accordance with the details shown on the plans and the requirements of this Item.


Furnish and place concrete, stone, cement-stabilized, or special riprap, Using Class B Concrete unless otherwise shown on the plans.


Building driveways as private (residential or commercial) and public (county road and city street) access areas off the travel lanes and shoulders.


Construct hydraulic cement concrete sidewalks or any other approved type

Curb & Gutter

Construct hydraulic cement concrete curb, gutter, and combined curb and gutter, Using Class A concrete or material specified on the plans

Concrete patio

Building the outdoor space generally for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is typically build

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Our services not only satisfy our customers but exceed all expectations

About Leftamo


LEFTAMO Construction Founded in 2016 in Dallas, Texas, one of the small business companies that has the experience, skilled staff that makes it compete, using the desired concrete strength, providing all customers’ needs with high quality& durability. We offer unparalleled competitive prices compared to other concrete companies without affecting material quality.

We are here in Leftamo provide a unique service professionally, using a permanent material which comes to the depths of high quality, through using the specifications of TXDOT.


As part of our strategy & vision to be one of the small leading companies providing a unique service and participate in building the new developing structure in Texas, Since Construction market has become one of the most prominent markets in which billions of dollars are invested. Every day, the world is beginning to build millions of buildings and millions of others have been built. The investment development of all countries in general, especially for the development of the architectural market, the investment company is not only one site, but aspires to build more than a distinct location across the United States, and to come to these sites with a high degree of architectural professionalism must be of high concrete quality.


We putting the efforts ,experience, knowledge to be one of the most liable construction company in Texas to lead the construction industry in the right path



Dallas , texas